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The Greek Goddess Gaia and Her Connection to Earth Day

Today, April 22, Earth Day is celebrated once again as over one billion people help the Earth recover from the ravages of industrialization.

The Hellenic Initiative Launches “Plant A Tree In Greece”

The Hellenic Initiative has launched a campaign entitled “Plant a Tree In Greece,” which aims to have a measurable positive impact on Greece by reforesting the land and restoring the livelihoods destroyed in the wildfires of 2021. In response to...

Reforestation: How to Turn the Greek Landscape Green After Fires

With every devastating fire in Greece, reforestation becomes the second most crucial issue after state assistance to those affected. Former West Attica Forest director Dimitris Spathis offered his ideas about reforestation exclusively to Greek Reporter in an interview. Last August, the government...

Greece Fires: Evia, Arcadia Continue to Battle Huge Blazes

The fires that have been burning in various parts of Greece have continued their destructive path for the ninth consecutive day.

Greece Launches Massive Reforestation Program

The Greek Minister of the Environment and Energy Kostis Hatzidakis recently announced the launch of Greece's largest reforestation campaign. The reforestation effort would lead to the planting of over 30 million trees over a period of 10 years. Planting will start...

Greek American Foundation Plants 4,000 Saplings on Thassos

Greek-American "Plant your roots in Greece" is a non-profit foundation which contributes to planting saplings in Greece. Their new goal was to plant trees on Thassos island to help the island forget the wildfires of 1990-1991, which destroyed the...