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Celebrating Ancient Greek Math on Pi Day

Happy Pi Day! Math fanatics from all around the world and everyone else who just loves pi (or pie) celebrate Pi Day on March 14. Pi was named for the Greek symbol π, the ratio of the circumference of a...

What Ancient Greece Thinkers Believed About Extraterrestrial Life

There were schools of thought in Ancient Greece that speculated about extraterrestrial life, in trying to answer questions about the universe

The Most Famous Greek Person that Ever Lived

Who is the most famous Greek ever? This the perennial question that often occurs among Greeks, philhellenes and historians. Of course there is no one answer to this question. There are many famous Greeks who lived in the past 2,500...

Pythagorean Cup From Ancient Greece Pranks Greedy Drinkers

The Pythagorean Cup, an invention of the ancient Greeks, shows that their heads weren't in the intellectual clouds all the time. They were down to earth enough to make people laugh a bit at themselves -- particularly if they...

Greek Philosopher Pythagoras and His Famous Theorem

The influence of Pythagoras in mathematics and philosophy remains strong today along with the mysteries surrounding the great Greek philosopher

Nine Mathematical Equations that Changed the World

Mathematical equations have been the tool of man explaining the world around him and the key to advance knowledge about the Universe

Once in a Century Partial Lunar Eclipse to Occur on Friday

The longest partial lunar eclipse of the 21st century will occur this Friday. The eclipse will be visible to the entirety of North America and will last a staggering 6 hours. Not only will this eclipse be the longest of...

Secret Plato Code Discovered and Solved Claims Historian

Did Plato hide a secret code in his writings? Dr. Jay Kennedy, a historian and a member of the University of Manchester’s Faculty of Life Sciences, recently published a scholarly work parsing the Ancient Greek philosopher Plato's writing, discovering...

Babylonians Used Pythagoras’ Math in 19th Century BC, Claims Archaeologist

An Australian archaeologist claims a 3700-BC Babylonian tablet shows the Pythagorean triple centuries before Pythagoras lived.

How Ancient Greeks Set Humanity on the Path to Space Exploration

While civilized society was just learning to use the wheel on earth, ancient Greeks were aiming at celestial space and the stars.