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Rosetta Stone Discovery Shed Light on Ptolemaic Dynasty

Recent research and excavations around the ancient Egyptian city of Thmuis, the place where the events recorded on the Rosetta Stone took place, is shedding new light on the turbulent events of the Ptolemaic era. As everyone knows, the Rosetta...

How Ancient Greeks Set Humanity on the Path to Space Exploration

While civilized society was just learning to use the wheel on earth, ancient Greeks were aiming at celestial space and the stars.

The Controversy Over the Long Lost 13th Zodiac Sign

The word 'Ophiuchus' might mean nothing to most people, but to astrology aficionados it  could have been the 13th zodiac sign

Manuscript of Ancient Greek Astronomer Ptolemy Deciphered

Researchers have managed to decipher the manuscript of the ancient Greek mathematician and astronomer Ptolemy 200 years after its discovery. The manuscript is thought to have been written during the first century AD and was discovered by a Roman Catholic...

Ptolemy’s Invention of the Astrolabe Measured Time and the Stars

The exact time, the positions to the stars and planets, and our exact location were known to ancient Greeks as well thanks to the astrolabe.

Ancient “Notepads,” Many Written in Greek, Uncovered in Egypt

Over 18,000 ancient "notepads" -- many written in Greek -- were uncovered by archaeologists in the ancient Egyptian city of Athribis. The ancient notepads called ostraca -- clay fragments that contain writing -- were used as a form of notepad...

Flashback to Ancient Greece's Brilliant Inventions

An exhibition, entitled "The amazing inventions of the ancient Greeks," hosting functional replicas of some of the most inventive ancient Greek creations, will be held at the Herakleidon Museum in Athens from August 1, 2015, to January 10, 2016. Visitors will have...