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Ptolemy I

The Ancient Greek Culture and Language in Africa

Greek language and culture spread in Africa after the conquests of Alexander the Great

Volcano, Climate Change Caused Destruction of Greek City in Egypt

The hiatus in Berenike, a Hellenistic city in Egypt, was a combination of volcanic eruptions and drought, scientists say

The Cult of God Serapis in Egypt and the Greek World

The cult of Serapis in Egypt arose during Ptolemy I's reign and would become one of the centers of Ptolemaic soft power in the East and West alike. Serapis (Greek: Σέραπις) was a Greco-Egyptian god introduced in Alexandria of Egypt...

Missing Ancient Artifact 'Stone of Nikouria' Rediscovered on Amorgos

An ancient stone tablet bearing a historic inscription of the Resolution of Nikouria, dating back to the 3rd century BC, has resurfaced on the island of Amorgos after it had gone missing for roughly a century, Greece's Ministry of...