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Ptolemaic Egypt

Ancient Greek Shipwreck Loaded with Treasures Discovered off Egypt

A shipwreck with ancient Greek treasures dating back to the Ptolemaic era of Egypt was discovered recently in the waters off Alexandria.

Cleopatra: The Greek Queen of Ancient Egypt

The ethnic background of Cleopatra, the famed queen of Ancient Egypt, has been a persistent topic of conversation for years. Despite the fact that she ruled over Egypt, Cleopatra was Greek. Cleopatra VII Philopater ruled over Ancient Egypt from 51...

Tomb with Greek Mummy Unearthed in Aswan, Egypt

A Greco-Roman-era tomb with a Greek mummy was unearthed recently in Aswan, Egypt, archaeologists announced this week. And in an extremely unusual discovery, the archaeologists found a copper plaque with the man's name -- Nikostratos -- near his body. The...

Volcano, Climatic Instability Caused Destruction of Hellenistic City in Egypt

The hiatus in Berenike, a Hellenistic city in Egypt, was a combination of volcanic eruptions and drought, scientists say