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Ioannis Varvakis: a Pirate and Benefactor of the Greek Revolution

A pirate and benefactor, Ioannis Varvakis had a bright life, supporting the Greek Revolution and becoming famous in both Greece and Russia. He managed to embody several destinies into a single person. Varvakis was a successful shipowner, and many Turkish...

George Sirian: Survivor of Massacre in Greece Becomes Pillar of the US Navy

The life story of George Sirian, who escaped a massacre to be adopted by an American naval officer, is a miracle of the Greek Revolution.

The Best Greek Islands for a Quiet Vacation

A holiday to the Greek Islands can be so many different things: adventure, a beach break, a trip back in time, or a week-long party.

Psorokostaina a Real Figure in the Greek War of Independence

Psorokostaina, a beautiful lady having a large fortune, was a real person and even a heroic figure during the Greek War of Independence.

Greek and Turkish Jets in Dogfights over Mykonos

Regardless of the upcoming annual Greek-Turkish High-Level Cooperation Council that is scheduled for December 5 and 6 in Athens, Greece, tension between the two countries remains high. Earlier today, two Turkish F-16 fighter jets unjustly chased a Greek Civil Aviation aircraft that...

Greek Lifetime Job Guarantee In Peril

With the coming firing of 15,000 workers, it seemed that Greece was finally going to bend to demands from international lenders to reduce its bloated public workforce – except that it’s going to hire 15,000 younger workers to replace...