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Phryne: The Ancient Greek Courtesan Who Disrobed For Her Freedom

Phryne the Thespian was a notable ancient Greek hetaira, or courtesan, of Athens, who is remembered throughout the millennia for her dramatic trial which she won by baring her naked body. Her real name name was Mnesarete, but people referred...

Neaera, the Athenian Child Slave Raised to Be a Courtesan

Neaera was a child slave from fourth century BCE Athens whose life is sorrowful. She was put on trial and caught amid petty politics.

Demand for Escort Services Rockets During WEF Summit at Davos

As politicians, business leaders, big tech CEOs, celebrities, and the leaders of charitable organizations descend on Davos for the World Economic Forum's (WEF) annual meeting, they will be joined by an entirely different group of professionals - escorts. In the...

Gavriella Ushakova: Legendary Prostitute of Athens

With several featured articles and videos on her turbulent life story and tragic death, the only prostitute in the history of the Greek state that has officially entered the Presidential Megaron to receive an honoring distinction for her services...