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The Top Five Craziest Greek Gods

As we count down the top five crazy Greek gods, many will wish to know who the absolute craziest is. But what should the criteria for crazy be exactly? This is difficult to say. Calling people crazy is sometimes insulting....

Liver: The Source of Emotions, According to Ancient Greeks

For the ancient Greeks the liver had an important role in divine and spiritual daily life: the liver was the center of the soul and the source of emotions.

Dodoni Theater Reopens After 17 Years to Host Aeschylus' Poetic Masterpiece

Greek mythology's undisciplined titan Prometheus challenges the power of Olympian gods, giving mankind fire stolen from Mount Olympus. His punishment and suffering will be relentless at the hands of Zeus. Prometheus will be chained and abused in a Caucasus mountain. Aeschylus' poetic...

Summer Solstice Celebrated by Ancient Religions

According to an article posted on the BBC, there are still many Greeks who follow Pre-Christian gods. For those, June 21, is considered as a very unique day. Many of them participate in the Prometheia festival, an event which honors...