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There’s More to Greek Cheese Than Just Feta

The first known mention of cheese in ancient Greece was in the epic poem the "Odyssey," when Homer describes the cheese in the Cyclops' cave.

Latest Data Reveal Greek Inflation on the Rise

ELSTAT, Greece's official statistics authority, released its latest data on the country's annual EU-harmonized inflation on Friday, which showed a slight increase in prices overall. From one percent inflation seen in March of 2019, the figure increased to 1.1 percent...

Czechia to Stop Using ”Greek” for Yogurt Made in the Country

The Government of Czechia submitted an alteration of its national legislature that allowed Czech companies to produce yogurt that was later dubbed ''Greek''. In 2016, the Czech government enacted a law that violated the European Union's rules against consumer's misdirection. According...

Greek Artisans: Philosophy Lecturer and Historian Produce Olive Oil and Desserts

Since 1997, the "Greek Artisans" Dimitris Portolos and Christos Carras export Greek traditional products with great success. Dimitris Portolos is a businessman, a historian, a co-founder and general secretary of the Hellenic Literary and Historical Archive. Christos Carras was the...