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The History of the Ancient Greek Colonies in the Black Sea

The ancient Greeks established cities across the four corners of the Mediterranean. However, the Black Sea was of particular importance to them, with the area becoming a hub of the ancient Greek world beyond its metropolis. The ventures into the...

Pontic Greek Still Spoken by Thousands in Northern Turkey

Pontic Greek, which closely resembles Ancient Greek still lives on today, in communities near Turkey's Black Sea coast.

‘Romeyka’ The Ancient Greek Dialect Spoken in Northern Turkey

Romeyka is a dialect of Greek spoken in the region of Trabzon (Trapezounta) and Pontus, around Turkey's Black Sea coast. Researchers say it bears striking resemblances to ancient Greek dialects. Its speakers are Muslims but many also trace their lineage...

Greece Vows to Fight for Recognition of the Pontian Genocide

Greece vowed on Friday to continue the fight for the recognition of the Pontian Genocide by the international community. Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said that Greece will fight for international recognition until Remembrance Day becomes Vindication Day. "This year we commemorate...

How Ernest Hemingway Witnessed the Greek Genocide

Ernest Hemingway  witnessed at first hand as a journalist the displacement of the Greeks from their ancestral homelands of Asia Minor.

Memories of Pontus and Asia Minor Dominate Opening of AEK Athens Stadium

Memories of Pontus and Asia Minor dominated the spectacular opening of the new football station of Greek soccer club AEK on Friday in Athens. More than thirty thousand fans gathered at OPAP Arena in the Athenian suburb of Nea Philadelphia...

Greece Marks Pontic Genocide as Turkey Claims it Distorts History

Turkey accused Greece of distorting history as the nation commemorates one of the darkest pages in Hellenic history, the Pontic Genocide at the hands of the Turks. The  Genocide in Pontus cost 353,000 lives while even more lost their homes...

Orthodox Outrage as Panagia Soumela Turns into Nightclub in Ad

The courtyard of Panagia Soumela Monastery turned into a nightclub in advertising video clip, causing outrage in the Orthodox World

Global Center of Pontian Hellenism Unveiled in Athens

The global center for Pontian Hellenism to be built at the Hellinikon former airport was unveiled at an event in Athens on Tuesday. The center will become a place that keeps alive the customs and traditions of the Pontians who...

Pontian Greek Representative Detained in Turkey on Eve of Feast of Panagia

George Varythymiadis, a representative of the Pontian Greeks, was detained at the Istanbul airport by the Turkish authorities on Friday.