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Victoria’s First Undercover Cop was Greek-Australian

What does the history of gambling in Victoria have to do with Greece? In a name, 89-year-old Nick Cecil. Cecil, a Greek-Australian, was Victoria's first undercover cop. In his heyday, he tackled the illegal off-course gambling industry when it was...

The 10 Deadliest School Shootings in the US

In this year alone, the US has already experienced 27 school shootings, one of which occurred just yesterday, on Tuesday, and ranks amongst the deadliest to have taken place in the country. In the wake of such unimaginable tragedies, people...

The Private Detective Who Devoted His Life to Saving Greece’s Heritage

George Tsoukalis, the private detective who has devoted his life to saving and protecting Ancient Greece's cultural heritage, talks exclusively about his rare profession. Tsoukalis is the famous "hunter" of the illicit dealers of antiquities and has solved 65 of...

Greek Immigrant in Germany Giorgos Zantiotis Dies in Police Custody

Greeks in Germany are searching for answers after the death of immigrant Giorgos Zantiotis while in police custody in the city of Wuppertal, in western Germany. The cause of death for the man, who was only 25 years of age,...

Seven Greek Officers Charged With Homicide For Killing Young Roma

Seven Greek police officers were charged with intentional homicide on Sunday for shooting and killing a young Roma after a car chase on Saturday morning in the Perama area of Piraeus. Police say that the officers fired shots at the...

Greece Femicides: Man Murders 47-Year Old Woman in Rethymno

Greece got shocked by another case of femicide that occurred in the country on Sunday evening.

New Femicide in Greece: Woman Murdered by Husband in Larissa

Greece was shocked on Tuesday by another brutal femicide of a wife by her husband, this time in the city of Larissa in central Greece.

Greek Police Clash with Anti-Mandatory Vaccination Protesters in Athens

Greek police clashed with protesters in Athens following a relatively small demonstration against the mandatory vaccination of certain professional groups.

New Murder in Greece Brings Back Haunting Memories of Caroline Crouch

A brutal murder of a 26-year old woman took place on the peaceful Cycladic island of Folegandros in Greece on Friday.

Caroline Crouch Femicide: Collateral Damage, Light Sentencing

Greeks have obsessed for weeks over the murder of Caroline Crouch, by her husband, confessed wife killer, Babis Anagnostopoulos. The Crouch femicide demonstrates a system of collateral damage and light sentencing for men who kill their wives.