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Greek Immigrant in Roman-Era London Used Amulet to Ward Off Plague

A Greek inhabitant of the Roman city of Londinium, lived through the Antonine plague by wearing a scroll with a Greek prayer in the form of rhyming hexameters.

The World After the Coronavirus: What a Greek-American Yale Professor Envisions

The world after the coronavirus pandemic will look very different, according to a new book from Yale professor Nicholas Christakis.

Apollo Vs Agamemnon: The Plague in Ancient Greece was Divine Wrath

The plague appeared in Greece as a weapon of divine wrath. Agamemnon, offended the priest of Apollo and the God spread pestilence among the Greeks.

Plagues Follow Bad Leadership in Ancient Greek Tales

By Joel Christensen* In the fifth century BC, the playwright Sophocles began “Oedipus Tyrannos” with the title character struggling to identify the cause of a plague striking his city of Thebes. (Spoiler alert: It’s his own bad leadership.) As someone who...