Calamos Supports Greece


Boston Philhellenes Remembered on Greek Independence Day

Boston’s Greek-American community commemorated two eminent Bostonians, Samuel Gridley Howe and Edward Everett, who helped the Greek cause.

Greek War of Independence Heroes Visited Iconic Ship USS Constitution

The USS Constitution had three distinguished visitors during its Mediterranean visit in 1827 -Kolokotronis, Canaris and Lord Byron.

Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts Honors Greek Independence Day

The Boston Museum of Fine Arts will be bedecked in the blue and white to mark Greece's bicentennial tonight and Thursday, March 25.

Greek-Americans Reenact Historic Ball for Bicentennial of War of Independence

On Saturday, March 13, 2021 the Order of AHEPA presented a recreation of an 1827 Ball which raised funds for the Greek War of Independence.

German Embassy Celebrates Bicentennial of Greek War of Independence

The German Embassy in Athens will begin its year-long commemoration of the Greek War of Independence with a celebration of 21 German philhellenes.

Philhellene Jimmy Jamar Raises €35,278 to Help Heat Greek Schools

The winter months have brought plummeting temperatures to Greece and with the economic crisis looming over the country, many facilities have had to go with little to no heat as they do not have the proper funds to pay...

‘Greece: Moments of Personal Happiness’ Photo Contest in Moscow

The Hellenic Cultural Center in Moscow is organizing an international photography contest called "Greece: Moments of Personal Happiness." The contest is in collaboration with two Russian cultural institutions, the Library of Foreign Literature "Dante Alighieri" and the Photography Club "M-53." The contest...

“Greek Week” in Italy

The Philhellenic Society of Italy is organizing the first "Greek Week" from September 8 to 14, in Marina di Ascea, addressed to those who love Greece and especially to young people. According to the president and founder of the Society,...

Germany: Greek Community Honors Their Mayor

The Greek Diaspora of Munich honored their much beloved mayor on the Day of Epiphany, welcoming his support to old and new Greek immigrants, and Greece in general. Christian Ude is Lord Mayor of the German city of Munich for...

German Philhellenes Visit Thessalia

45 German Philhellenes have come to Greece to show their love for Greek music. Their club, called "Ichoussa Gefyra" (meaning  in Greek, "the resonating bridge") is fond of traditional Greek music and Balkan, too. Some of its members are distinguished Germans...