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Peter Economides

Rebrand the Greeks, Says Advertising Guru Peter Economides

Peter Economides is a brand strategist born in South Africa. After many years of valuable experience around the world, this cosmopolitan Greek marketing guru vows to change the perception we all have about Greece. Economides has said in the past that...

Food is Culture.

*By Peter Economides - My cultural immersion happened on Sundays in South Africa in the world’s largest kitchen with brothers and sisters and cousins and uncles and aunts. Around a huge table. Food. Wine. Conversation. Laughter. Celebration. Noise. Arguments. Surprises....

Are Greeks Europeans?

Business strategist Peter Economides gives an answer to a German journalist of Süddeutsche Zeitung who asked if Greeks are Europeans.

Economides’ Greece: An Old Country Needs a Brand New Name

ATHENS – Ten years ago, Peter Economides, a marketing strategist who helped re-launch a dying Apple computer company into the world’s second-largest business, left New York, came to visit Greece, stayed at a hotel on Athens’ southern coast, saw...