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The Most Stunning Ancient Villages in Greece

Greece has some true hidden gems when it comes to its ancient villages. Tourism has yet to spoil these towns that are steeped in history.

Greece in Autumn: The Charming Villages on the Slopes of Mt. Pelion

Taking a trip to Mt. Pelion in Greece in autumn after the heat of summer is gone when the leaves change colors to beautiful shades of orange and red can be like a fairy tale. Mt. Pelion, located in the...

Oldest Lighthouse in the World Once Stood off the Pelion Peninsula

Few people are aware that the deadly Lefteris Reef located off the coast of the Pelion peninsula in Greece, where many ships have come to grief, was the site of the oldest lighthouse in the world, more ancient even...

Autumn on Mainland Greece at Its Best: Must Do Trips

A Must To Do Trip Visit Mailand Greece during Autumn and experienced at its best, because its beauty nature is magical at this season!

Stanley Johnson, British PM’s Father, to Become Honorary Citizen in Greece

Stanley Johnson, the father of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, will become an honorary citizen of south Pelion in central Greece where he owns a villa. The ceremony will be held on Friday, June 24, 2022, the day when the...

Central Greece Buried in Thick Layer of Snow

Parts of central Greece, including the island of Evia and the Pelion peninsula, are covered in a thick layer of snow on Monday as the second wave of the "Elpis" weather system sweeps the country. The town of Steni in...

Best Cities for Digital Nomads in Greece

Greece and its cities and islands is the perfect hot-bed country for the post-pandemic, self-disciplined Digital Nomad.

Stanley Johnson, British PM’s Father, Chooses France for Citizenship

Stanley Johnson, the father of British PM Boris Johnson, announced on Thursday he is applying for French citizenship.

Marathon Swim Recreated After 2,500 Years in Greece

Exactly 2,500 years after it first happened, the epic marathon swim by Hydna and her father Scyllis, in 480 BC, was replicated recently by three members of the Underwater Survey Team, representing the School of Rural and Surveying Engineering...

Inside the Villa of PM Boris Johnson's Father in Greece

Stanley Johnson, the father of British PM Boris Johnson, recently bent travel restrictions by flying to Greece from Bulgaria in order to visit his villa at Pelion, central Greece. "I’m in Pelion on essential business trying to Covid-proof my property...