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Patrick Garner

Tyche, The Ancient Greek Goddess of Fortune

Ancient Greek goddess Tyche, which represented fortune, or luck, whether good or bad may not have been one of the twelve Olympians, yet her powers exceeded theirs. by Patrick Garner Ancient Greeks believed in supernatural causes for almost all events and...

Spectacular 3D Video Depicts Ancient Athens as Never Seen Before

A spectacular 3D video reconstruction of ancient Athens in the late 5th century BC takes the viewer over the city and pinpoints its monuments, markets, temples, and neighborhoods. The video made by Ancient Athens 3D and released in November presents...

The Spartans: An Ancient War Machine

Twenty-five hundred years ago, the Spartans were the indisputable military power in Greece. by Patrick Garner No city had warriors as fierce, disciplined, and proud. Unlike other Greeks, they did not live as individuals but as parts of a hive, or in...

The 12 Greek Gods and Their Unique Superpowers

The ancient Greek gods remain a fascination around the world. As immortals with unusual powers, they appear in movies, books, video games.

Lawrence Durrell’s Odyssey of Greek Islands a Travel Masterpiece

The Greek Islands by Lawrence Durrell remains one of the most exciting travel books. It is a launching place to learn about history, the islands and the people.