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Armenian Genocide: The Mass Murder of Christians in Turkey

The Armenian Genocide, the systematic mass murder and expulsion of 1.5 million ethnic Armenians carried out in Turkey and adjoining regions by the Ottoman government between 1914 and 1923, is commemorated on April 24th every year. The Armenian Genocide was...

The Chios Massacre: The Worst Atrocity Committed by the Ottomans

The Chios massacre of 1822 was perhaps the worst atrocity carried out by the Ottomans against Greeks during the Greek War of Independence.

The Island of Mykonos Throughout the Millennia

Mykonos is undoubtedly one of the most famous Greek islands. Known for its lively parties and beautiful beaches, the island also has an incredibly fascinating ancient history. Somewhat surprisingly, the party paradise was also an international hub in ancient times...

United States of the Ionian Islands: The History of British Rule in Greece

The formation of the United States of the Ionian Islands under British rule in Greece is a little known period of the country's history.

The Greek Roots of the Names of Cities in Ukraine

Greeks reading the names of towns and cities in Ukraine in the news may wonder why places like Sevastopol, Simferopol, Mariupol, and Melitopol seem so familiar. Just like many Greek place names, all of these Ukrainian cities feature the characteristic...

Crete Celebrates Union With Greece on December 1st

On December 1, 1913, the island of Crete was officially integrated into the Greek state after Sultan Mehmet V had finally relinquished all sovereignty over the island exactly a month earlier. Crete's liberation from Ottoman rule was the result of...

Greek Self-Sacrifice at Arkadi is a Universal Symbol for Freedom

To this day, the "Holocaust of Arkadi" remains a universal symbol of self-sacrifice for freedom in the face of barbarism while filling another page in the glorious history of Greece. It was November 9, 1866 when over a thousand brave...

Athens Tower of the Winds is World’s Oldest Meteorological Station

The Tower of the Winds in Athens is the oldest meteorological station in the world, and one of the most important ancient monuments in Greece

Greek Assyrians Search for Justice a Century After Ottoman Pogrom

The Greek Assyrian minority in northern Iraq was driven from the oil-rich area of Mosul in the 1910s after a pogrom launched by the Ottomans

When Greek Heroine Manto Mavrogenous Repelled the Turks from Mykonos

It was October 11, 1822 in the second year of Greece's War of Independence, when the Ottomans, attempting to invade the island of Mykonos, were repelled by brave islanders fighting under the command of Manto Mavrogenous. Now a place known...