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Greek PM Marks 106th Anniversary of Armenian Genocide

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis commemorated the Armenian Genocide on Friday, the eve of the 106th anniversary of the brutal act.

The American Connections to Greek War of Independence

Stamatios Kartalopoulos spoke about bonds which unite the Greek and American War of Independence - liberty, democracy, freedom and justice.

Greek-Americans Discover Ancestors Who Fought In Greek Revolution

A team of researchers recently unearthed the direct lineage of many Greek Americans whose ancestors fought in the Greek Revolution.

New Movie Filmed in Kalamata Recreates Greek Revolutionary Era

"Kalamata 1821: Roads of Freedom" is a new movie about the Greek Revolution and the roles its protagonists played in the War of Independence.

The Great Fighters of the Greek War of Independence

The Greek War of Independence against the Ottoman Empire, which began in 1821, resembles the stuff of legend.

Greece, New York: US City Renamed to Honor Greek War of Independence

Greece, New York was renamed after the declaration of the Greek War of Independence as a way to honor the great struggle of the Greek people.

Former British Museum Trustee Calls for Return of Parthenon Marbles

Noted British sculptor and former Trustee of the British Museum Sir Antony Gormley came out for the return of the Parthenon Marbles on Wednesday, saying "I would be happy to return them." In an interview with the magazine British Archaeology,...

Ambassador Maslov Highlights Russian Role in Greek Revolution of 1821

Andrei Maslov, the Ambassador of Russia to Greece, explained recently his nation's role in assisting the Greeks during the War of Independence and the Greek Revolution of 1821. Speaking with Greece's OPEN tv, Maslov explained how the Russians were either...

Greeks Remember Genocide of Their Ancestors in Pontus

Every year on May 19 Pontic Greeks commemorate one of the darkest pages in Hellenic history, as the date will forever be connected to the genocide of their ancestors at the hands of the Turks. The Pontic Genocide cost 353,000...

”It’s Not Constantinople, It’s Istanbul; It’s Islam-bul” Turkey’s Erdogan Says

The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan declared that still ''there are people who want to see Istanbul as Constantinople,'' on Saturday. Erdogan was participating in the series of public spectacles and events which Turkey organizes every year on the occasion of the...