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Why Greek Olive Oil is the Best in the World

Olive oil, or “Liquid Gold” as Homer called it, has been part of Greece's history since antiquity. It is an irreplaceable part of Greek diet

Olive Harvesting in Greece: A Connection to the Past

For many people, olive oil is synonymous with Greece. It’s one of the places in the world that are tied inextricably with this tiny seeded fruit. By Savannah Fortis Walking through the old hills of Plaka one finds themselves entangled in...

The Science Behind Greek Food’s Amazing Healthy Properties

Greek food is often considered among the most healthy cuisines in the world, as it is linked to the Mediterranean diet, which has been proven to have countless health benefits. The Mediterranean diet is the utmost example of a diet...

Greek Olive Oil Exports Increase by 225% Between 2002-2020

Greek olive oil exports have increased by a remarkable 225% in 2002-2020, SEVITEL found in a new report published this Tuesday.

Greek Olive Oil Beaten By Tunisian Version in Canadian Market

Greek olive oil exports to Canada are dropping while Tunisian and Italian olive oil dominate the market according to the most recent figures. 

Greece to Promote “Greek Diet” Brand Globally

Greece will begin promoting its excellent food products in the future by promoting the "Greek Diet" brand across the world.

New Study Shows Huge Benefits of High-Phenolic Early Harvest Olive Oil

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH) and the Greek Association of Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders (GAADRD) announced on Monday the results from a groundbreaking new study on the benefits of early-harvest olive oil. Their research, undertaken for the first time...

Greek Olive Oil World Trying to Survive Covid-19 Pandemic

By Lisa Radinovsky, Greek Liquid Gold Sandwiched between nations struggling with the coronavirus pandemic, Greece is a surprising success story. But with stay-at-home orders in place for a month, exporters of the country’s flagship products can hardly escape the...

Yale Researchers Convene Olive Oil Symposium in Delphi

The ancient Greeks’ center of the universe recently attracted more than 100 researchers and professionals from seven countries to an area once dedicated to the oracle of Apollo. This time, the gathering did not focus on the prophecies of...

Greek Olive Oil Takes First Place in World Ranking of Extra-Virgin Olive Oils

An organic Greek olive oil won first place recently in the World Ranking of EVOO (or Extra-Virgin Olive Oils), garnering this accolade for the second consecutive year. The extra virgin olive oil "Gemstone Blend Evoo" from Sakellaropoulos' organic olive groves...