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Greece Bans Neo-Nazi Party from Running in Elections

The parliament in Greece approved an amendment late Wednesday to exclude the neo-nazi "Ellines" party from elections. The party is led by Ilias Kasidiaris, a former deputy and spokesman for the Golden Dawn party, who is currently in jail. Of the...

Golden Dawn Member Granted Parole After Serving Just One Year in Prison

Giorgos Patelis, a former member of the Neo-Nazi political party/criminal organization Golden Dawn, was granted parole on Monday after serving just one year of a ten-year prison sentence for being an accessory to murder. Patelis was convicted on charges of...

Is There a Neo-Nazi Comeback in Greece?

The events that marked Greece in the last few days raise the question whether neo-Nazis are making a comeback in the country

Arrested Golden Dawn Leader Awaits Greek Extradition Hearing

A leading members of the neo-Nazi organization Golden Dawn, who is held in Brussels, is awaiting a hearing on his extradition to Greece.

European Arrest Warrant Issued for Greek Neo-Nazi Fugitive Pappas

A European arrest warrant was issued on Tuesday for Christos Pappas, the neo-Nazi former lawmaker, who is on the run after his conviction in October 2020.

Greek neo-Nazi Still At Large Three Months After Conviction

Greek neo-Nazi Christos Pappas, number two in the Golden Dawn party leadership, is still at large after evading arrest for three months.

Neo-Nazi Golden Dawn is a Criminal Organization, Greek Court Rules

A Greek court ruled on Wednesday that the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party (GD) which had two representatives elected into Parliament from 2012 to 2019 operated as a criminal organization, systematically attacking migrants and leftists. The leader of GD, Nikos Michaloliakos,...

Neo-Nazi Golden Dawn Party Clears Out Athens Headquarters

The central Athens headquarters of the Greek neo-Nazi ''Golden Dawn'' political party were completely cleared out by the organization on Monday. The officials of the racist and xenophobic group recently decided to empty out their premises following the electoral collapse...

Extreme-Right Golden Dawn Lawmakers Found Guilty in 2013 Athens Attack

A Golden Dawn member of the European Parliament and a former MP were both found guilty on Friday in the July 2013 attack on a community center in Athens. Yiannis Lagos and Nikos Michos received an eight-month suspended sentence for...

Greek Voters Turn their Backs to Far Right Golden Dawn

Far right Golden Dawn suffered a devastating defeat at Sunday's general election that may leave the party, often described as neo-Nazi, with no parliamentary representation. Greek voters reversed a trend towards extreme-right politics that has been prevalent in some other...