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Humans and Neanderthals “Lived Together” 50,000 Years Ago

New research from an Israeli archaeological dig has proven that modern humans and Neanderthals lived together some 50,000 years ago.

Stone Age Tools on Crete Show Man Sailed the Mediterranean 130,000 Years Ago

Stone age tool finds on Crete in 2010 indicate that man traveled the Mediterranean 130,000 years ago, and not 10,000 years ago as originally believed, according to Science magazine.

Neanderthal – Era Settlement Found Under Princess Diana’s Family Estate

Although the name of Spencer is a storied one in British history, going back at least one thousand years to the Norman Conquest, the aristocratic family now has been found to have another even more historic tie -- back...

Neanderthal Bones in Greek Cave

In the cave Kalamakia, which is located in the Peloponnese, Neanderthal bones and tools were discovered. This could mean that the area may have been a crossroad for ancient humans from Africa to Europe, as a group of scientists...

Neanderthal Men First Inhabitants of Greek Islands

According to recent finds by the University of Crete's History and Archaeology Department, Neanderthals were the first to inhabit the Greek islands. Research by archaeologist Nena Galanidou, professor of Prehistoric Archaeology at the University of Crete, in collaboration with the...