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Grevena, the Mushroom Capital of Greece

For decades, a unique form of 'hunt' has been taking place on the slopes surrounding[...]

Chicken Shawarma Stuffed Mushrooms: A Mediterranean Take

A Mediterranean version of stuffed mushrooms dishes would be the chicken Shawarma stuffed mushrooms recipe.

Why are Some Mushrooms Poisonous?

Mushrooms are a key ingredient in many diets around the world, however not all of them are edible. Some mushrooms are poisonous and can cause toxic reactions.

Giant Mushroom Found on Greek Mountain in Western Macedonia

While spending his August holiday exploring the forests around Mount Voio, located in the Western Macedonian region of Kastoria, Michalis Lalos came across a mushroom unlike any found in the supermarket. The gargantuan fungus weighed 8.15 kg (nearly 18...

Truffle Hunting Begins in the Forests of Meteora

The first fortnight of March in Greece features the annual hunt for truffles in Thessaly's region of Meteora. In an area already full of amazingly beautiful landscapes, monasteries and forests, truffles are a small yet exquisite quarry that gourmands...