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Greek Mummy Portraits, Funerary Building Discovered in Fayoum, Egypt

New important Greek and Roman archaeological discoveries were made in Fayoum, the Ministry of Tourism & Antiquities in Egypt announced on Thursday. The discoveries included a funerary building, portraits, mummies, and statues that date as far back as the...

Tomb With Greek Mummy Unearthed in Aswan, Egypt

A Greco-Roman-era tomb with a Greek mummy was unearthed recently in Aswan, Egypt. In an extremely unusual discovery, the archaeologists found a copper plaque with the man's name—Nikostratos—near his body. The amazing find was made as part of excavations undertaken...

2000 Year Old Fetus Found Inside Egyptian Mummy

A 2000-year-old fetus was discovered in the belly of an Egyptian mummy by Polish reseachers recently, the first time in history that such a find has ever been recorded. The Warsaw Mummy Project, headed by bio-archeologist Marzena Ożarek-Szilke from the...

Last Meal of Iron Age Mummy Revealed

The Tollund Man, an unfortunate victim of human sacrifice in Iron Age Denmark, is a "bog body," one of a group of remarkably-well preserved ancient mummies.