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Mount Athos

The Monk Who Waves the Greek Flag at Fighter Jets

A Greek monk at Mount Athos, the holy mountain of Orthodoxy, has been waving the Greek flag for years. He does so each time a military plane passes over his monastery. Whenever Monk Joseph hears the sound of an aircraft,...

Mount Athos Relic Arrives in Athens for Public Veneration

The Holy Belt of Virgin Mary arrived from Mount Athos to the Athens port of Piraeus for public veneration on Saturday. 

The 18 UNESCO Heritage Monuments of Greece

Greece has 18 World Heritage Monuments in its territory according to UNESCO the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization. World Heritage Sites are designated by UNESCO for having cultural, historical, scientific or other forms of significance. The sites are...

The Mystery Woman Who Broke the Female Ban on Greece’s Mount Athos

This 1903 photograph of a woman on Mount Athos, which was published in a Greek newspaper at that time, still remains a mystery, with some monks claiming that they believe the unknown female on the left was the Virgin Mary...

Eating Like Orthodox Monks: “The Athos Diet”

Greek-American Pete Patitsas, an emergency medicine doctor, looked to the monks of Greece's Mount Athos for inspiration and direction in his book on diet and healthy living. The Athos Diet: Before There Was Atkins, There Was Athos, establishes what Patitsas...

Mount Athos Ban on Females Steeped in History, Mystery

The peninsula of Mount Athos is home to twenty monasteries where only monks are allowed to live and only males are allowed to visit.

Greece’s Unique ”Floating” Monastery of Saint Nicholas

The floating monastery of Saint Nicholas (Agios Nikolaos) in Porto Lagos, Xanthi in northern Greece is a unique religious monument

Top Ten Places You Should Visit in Mainland Greece

Mainland Greece is undoubtedly the top destination for those who are drawn to ancient ruins and other symbolic places of Greek classicism.

Greece’s Holy Mountain of Athos Reopens After Lockdown

Mount Athos, one of the holiest sites of the Greek Orthodox church, has reopened to authorised visitors on Tuesday following the lockdown.

Mount Athos Monk Hospitalized with Covid in Serious Condition

Mount Athos is on high alert, after 20 cases of coronavirus were diagnosed in the monks belonging to the many monasteries on the peninsula.