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The Greek Monkey Mystery, an Important Clue to Bronze Age World

Ancient frescoes like that of the Greek monkeys on Santorini suggest Europe and south Asia had trade links as long as 3,600 years ago.  By Tracie McKinney & Marie Nicole Pareja Cummings The blue monkeys painted on the walls of Akrotiri on...

Army of 3,500 Monkeys Invade City Center in Thailand

A massive group of monkeys, numbering in the thousands, has caused significant problems in a city in central Thailand. Many stores and businesses have closed down and moved away. Investors have stopped investing, and the once-bustling city of Lopburi...

How Did Bronze Age Greeks Know About Asian Monkeys?

Scientists have debated why Bronze Age wall paintings at the ancient site of Akrotiri depict monkeys that came from thousands of miles away in Asia for years.

Gang Member Monkey Executed In Japan

A monkey was executed in Japan for being part of an animal "gang" who were repeatedly attacking humans. The macaque monkey was recently located and executed by a group of specially commissioned hunters in Japan. The "monkey gang" has...