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Five Breathtaking Greek Island Monasteries Built on Cliffs

In older times, Greek monks were trying to build monasteries in places that were hidden or difficult to access in order to protect them from bandits, invaders, and conquerors.

Mount Athos Ban on Women Steeped in History, Mystery

The peninsula of Mount Athos is home to twenty monasteries where only monks are allowed to live and only males are allowed to visit.

Nea Moni Monastery, a Historical Treasure on the Greek Island of Chios

The Nea Moni Monastery on the Greek island of Chios is a treasure from Greece's long history, now listed on UNESCO's World Heritage List.

Mystery Over Woman’s Remains at Men-Only Mount Athos, Greece

Mystery surrounds the remains of a woman discovered in 2019 who was buried centuries ago at the cemetery of Pantokratoros Monastery on Mount Athos. The Greek "Holy Mountain" with its nearly 1,800-year continuous Christian presence is home to twenty monasteries,...

Ten of Greece’s Most Spectacular Monasteries

Greece has many beautiful sights for you to check out while you are visiting the country. One thing you want to be sure to add to your itinerary is visiting some of the ancient, historical Greek monasteries. Here are ten...

Secrets of Greece’s Hanging Rocks of Meteora Revealed

How could anyone describe Meteora, this astonishing geological phenomenon, the breathtaking landscape, the inspiration and spirituality felt

Greece’s Holy Mountain of Athos Reopens After Lockdown

Mount Athos, one of the holiest sites of the Greek Orthodox church, has reopened to authorised visitors on Tuesday following the lockdown.

Mount Athos Monk Hospitalized with Covid in Serious Condition

Mount Athos is on high alert, after 20 cases of coronavirus were diagnosed in the monks belonging to the many monasteries on the peninsula.

Mt. Athos in Complete Isolation Until November 30

In response to the nationwide lockdown imposed after the huge spike in coronavirus cases, deaths and intubations around the country, Greece's monastic community of Mt. Athos, called the "Holy Mountain," has decided to enter complete isolation from the outside...

Autonomous Polity of Mt. Athos Extends Lockdown Until April 20

The monastic community and autonomous region of Mount Athos announced on Wednesday that it will extend its ban on all visitors, including religious pilgrims, until April 20. This decision of Karyes, the seat of the Athonite monastic state, came as...