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Ministry of Culture

Ancient Greek Healing Temple of Trikala to Be Restored

The ancient Asclepieion at Trikala in Thessaly, one of the most important healing temples of the Greek empire, will be restored, the Ministry of Culture announced on Wednesday. The Asclepieion, devoted to the God Asclepius, was the place where people...

Former Leper Colony of Spinalonga, Crete to Get a Makeover

The former leper colony of Spinalonga just off the coast of Crete will be restored in order to create exhibition spaces, the Greek Culture Ministry announced. The restoration of the buildings of the Leprosy Hospital is part of the ministry’s...

Ancient Treasures Unearthed Under Athens Concrete

Astounding ancient treasures unearthed under Athens, a great outcome from the recent construction work on Aeolus Street in Athens

Shackled Skeletons Might Tell Story of Ancient Athens

Archaeologists are studying ancient Greek shackled skeletons found at the ancient cemetery in 2016 in the port city of Faliro in order to understand the rise of the Athens city-state. Faliro cemetery is one of the largest such sites that...

Stolen Greek Antiquities Return Home from New York

Fifty-five Greek antiquities valued at over $20 millinon are to be repatriated after the announcement of Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg

Sex Scenes Shot at the Acropolis Cause Stir in Greece

A video of lurid sex scenes shot at the Acropolis in the midst of visitors has caused furore in Greece with authorities investigating the incident

Workshop of Pheidias in Ancient Olympia Restored

Greece's Central Archaeological Council (KAS) has approved the restoration of the workshop of iconic ancient sculptor Pheidias in Ancient Olympia. Pheidias, who lived from approximately 480 to 430 BC, who was also a painter and architect, is the creator of...

Petition Asks British Museum to Return “Karpathos Lady” Statue

The "Karpathos Lady" statue has been housed in the British Museum, but a petition was launched on Monday to bring her back to Greece.

Ancient Greek Necropolis to be Revealed in New Exhibition Site

$4.8 million has been approved for an exhibition space showing the findings of an ancient Greek necropolis under the SNFCC.

Zalongo Monument: Site of Cultural Heritage Marks Sacrifice of Greek Women

The Zalongo Monument, located in Epirus, Greece, was named a site of modern cultural heritage for the monument's 60th anniversary.