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Medusa, the Most Fearsome Figure of Greek Mythology

The representation of females in Greek mythology, including Medusa, has often showed men's fear of female power and their need to control it.

The Ancient Greek Goddess Chimera Embodied Fear of Females

The Greek goddess Chimera, was a monstrous composition of disparate parts that embodied an ancient fear of females.

Was the Kraken a Sea Monster From Greek Mythology?

The Kraken is one of the most famous sea monsters around, and it is usually associated with Greek mythology. This association comes from the fact that it features in the classic Clash of the Titans movie from 1981, as...

The Most Famous Creatures from Greek Mythology

There are many stories in Greek mythology as well as creatures, which are supernatural beings, by powers and abilities, mostly immortal. These strange and sometimes terrifying creatures were used according to Greek mythology by the gods. They were sent to protect someone or something or simply to cause fear.

Mosaics of Greek Medusa Found in Ancient Roman Villa

Two mosaics depicting the Greek mythological figure Medusa were recently found at an ancient Roman villa by American archaeologists. In Greek mythology, Medusa is one of the three Gorgons. According to the myth, Medusa has hair made of serpents and...

Jellyfish Found in Greece are the Least Dangerous of All

The jellyfish one sees on the beaches in Greece are probably the least dangerous of any anywhere, with their size being much smaller than those found in the world's oceans. Jellyfish, also called jellies, or medusas -- because of their...

Greeks Bear the Brunt of "Medusa" a Weather Phenomenon (video)

Greeks are bearing the brunt of a weather phenomenon called "Medusa". Medusa's main features are heavy rains, hailstorms, and strong winds. Medusa comes after a series of heatwaves that mark this summer in Greece among the hottest summers on record....