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Greek Parliament Passes Amendment in Media Bill

The Greek Parliament approved on Tuesday an amendment allowing for media group mergers "for purposes of economies of scale... provided it does not hinder competition." The amendment was criticized by left-wing opposition parties, with Greece's main opposition party SYRIZA and the Communist...

Vaxevanis Says Greece Hiding Corruption

A Greek journalist acquitted of violating privacy laws for publishing a list of 2,059 depositors with $1.95 billion in a Swiss bank being kept secret by the government, said the country’s political and rich are trying to muzzle the...

Ancient Greek Mythology at the Heart of Contemporary Filmmaker Dina Demetrius

Documentary and indie filmmaker, broadcast journalist, actress (with starring roles in more than 20 films), and writer (with two feature-length screenplays under her belt), Dina Demetrius has worked for ABC News, reported, written and produced a thousand-plus national and...

Fearless political commentator Arianna Huffington

The author of 12 books, a syndicated columnist, and the creator of The Huffington Post political blog stands up for what she believes in. + In her new book she says it clearly "Right is Wrong".