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Was 1821 a Greek Revolution or a War of Independence?

The Greek War of Independence was the subject of an online lecture co-hosted by the Consulate General of Greece in Boston and College Year in Athens.

Golden Dawn Recruiting Schoolchildren

Greece’s neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party, which has actively been recruiting high schoolers to indoctrinate them, has been giving what it calls “national awareness” lessons to elementary school students aged 6-10 to teach them “Greek ideals,” its officials have admitted. On...

Mazower Warns Greece On Golden Dawn

One of the premier writers of Greek history, Britain's Mark Mazower, told an audience at the American College of Greece that the government is seriously underestimating the threat of the neo-Nazi Golden party becoming a mainstream political force. Golden Dawn,...

Thessaloniki Symposium Marks Centennial Liberation

Thessaloniki will celebrate the 100th anniversary of its liberation and incorporation into Greece with a three-day international symposium and an historical exhibition open to the locals and visitors of the Northern port city. Entitled Thessaloniki: A City in Transition, 1912-2012,...