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Mars Probe Discovers How Water Shaped Landscape of Red Planet

A study of images from Mars shows that ancient water that once existed on the surface of Mars did indeed shape the landscape of the planet, according to an announcement made on Thursday. Photographs of the Jezero crater show that...

Scientists Develop “AstroCrete” Concrete for Affordable Housing on Mars

The University of Manchester has developed a "cosmic concrete" called AstroCrete to make the colonization of Mars cost effective. The material is more durable than typical concrete and can function longer in Mars' challenging environment. The material is composed of...

Could Humans Hibernate for Space Travel? A Greek Scientist May Have the Answer

Can man survive the time needed for space travel? A Greek scientist may have the answer looking at early humans who had the ability for prolonged hibernation

Rocks Collected Prove Water Existed on Mars for Long Time

NASA’s Perseverance rover collected its first pair of rock samples, with scientists already seeing proof that water existed on Mars

New NASA Video Shows Stunning 360-Degree View of Mars

NASA released a stunning 360-degree panoramic video of Mars on Wednesday, created from shots taken by the Curiosity rover, allowing Earthlings to take a personal tour of the fourth planet from the sun. More than a hundred separate images taken by...

SpaceX Launchpad Deimos is Named After an Ancient Greek Deity

  Billionaire Elon Musk is notorious for his sense of humor and his penchant for mixing his taste in internet memes with his various business and technology ventures -- to varying success -- but his most recent project is a...

The Greek-American Immigrant who Created the Legendary Dove Bar Ice Cream

Dove Bar ice cream was created by Greek immigrant Leo Stefanos in Chicago, in 1956 bringing sweetness to the Windy City’s South Side.

China Lands on Mars: Tianwen-1 Rover on the Red Planet

The lander and rover of China's Tianwen-1 mission landed on Mars on Saturday.

NASA Helicopter “Ingenuity” Flies Above Surface of Mars

A small helicopter called "Ingenuity" made history on Monday when it lifted off from the Martian landscape and hovered briefly in the air.

The Greek Scientist Whose Work Could Help Exploration of Mars

Konstantinos Giapis, a professor of chemical engineering at Caltech invented a completely new way of producing oxygen from carbon dioxide.