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2,500-Year-Old Greek Helmet Found in Haifa, Israel

A Corinthian helmet from the Persian Wars that was found several years ago in Israel has recently been turned over to Israeli authorities.

Greek Runner Costas Gelaouzos Wins Athens Authentic Marathon

Greek runner Costas Gelaouzos won the 38th Athens Marathon in 2 hours 16 minutes 49 seconds on Sunday leading a sweep of the podium places by home competitors. The runner-up, Panagiotis Bourikas, was more than five minutes behind, in 2:22:33,...

Greek Eco Activist Emmanouil Completes Epic Run from Athens to Glasgow

Greek marathon runner Agis Emmanouil completed his epic run from Athens to Glasgow last week, sending a message to world leaders gathered for the UN's Cop26 that time is running out for the planet. Emmanouil reached Glasgow Green on Friday...

Meet the 90-Year-Old Greek Marathon Runner

Marathon runner Stelios Prassas, at 90 years old, will likely be the oldest athlete to participate in the upcoming Athens Marathon. Prassas, who prides himself in maintaining not only the physical fitness of a teenager, but also the spirit of...

Pheidippides’ Real Marathon Was a Punishing 300 Miles

Why is the ancient Greek man Pheidippides, the greatest runner in world history, after whose exploits the concept of the marathon was created, remembered for running the 25 miles from Marathon to Athens rather than the distance from Athens to...

Spyros Louis: The Olympics Marathon Hero Who Did it All to Impress a Girl

In the summer Olympics of 1896 in Athens Spyros Louis took advantage of the opportunity to impress his love.

Greek-Canadian Musician Katherine Filippeos Releases New Single

Greek-Canadian musician Katherine Filippeos has released a single entitled "Breathe Into Me," inspired by Superman, her "favorite superhero."