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New Super Yacht Concept Features a Gaping Hole

The Shape, a yacht featuring an impressive hole in the middle of the vessel, is the latest super yacht design from the Italian company Lazzarini. The striking shape of the aptly named 69-meter yacht features a large hole in the...

New $350 Million Yacht Saturnia Boasts Its Own Port

Saturnia, the latest super yacht design from Italian company Lazzarini, is unlike any vessel on the market, as it features its own port.

Stay in Ultimate Luxury on Mykonos, the Island that Has it All

Mykonos remains a hub of luxury tourism where international travelers can experience a slice of Grecian paradise.

Is Glamorous Camping About to Take Off in Greece?

Greece is taking steps to regulate “Glamping”, a popular term referring to  “glamorous camping”, as the concept continues to gain in popularity throughout the country. Although available in Greece since 2012, the country will now insist that normal tourism regulations...

Yacht Worth €50 Million Reaches Mykonos' Port and Stuns With its Luxury (video)

The super-luxurious yacht named ''Icon'' has been in Greece's Mykonos island since Friday and it has already managed to amaze residents and tourists with it's luxury and beauty. The 68-meter long yacht owned by a Dutch company named ''ICON YACHTS'',...

The 5 Most Luxurious Villas in Santorini and Mykonos: Greek Islands Dream Vacation

After scouring Greece's top luxury hotels, we were amazed by these five gorgeous villas and suites that offer everything you 'll want for your dream Greek vacation on the Greek Islands of Santorini and Mykonos. Greece offers accommodations for all budgets, including some ultra-lavish private sanctuaries for...