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Looted Artifacts Returned to Iraq Could Open Path for Parthenon Marbles

Looted artifacts have been returned to Iraq. The move could impact Greece's quest for the return of the Parthenon Marbles.

The Greek Archaeologist Who Hunts Down Looted Antiquities

Greek forensic archaeologist Christos Tsirogiannis has become a nuisance for the wealthy auction houses of New York and London.

Man Arrested for Illegal Excavation in Amphipolis

Found with a metal detector in his hand, a 68-year old man was arrested on Sunday for illegally excavating in the archaeological site of Amphipolis.

“Preposterous” US-Turkey Deal Could Lead to Pillage of Cultural Heritage

In these days of severely heightened tensions originating from Turkey's repeated incursions into the waters of the Eastern Mediterranean in search of oil and gas, even the sending of warships to accompany drilling vessels there, it appears yet another...

Greek Antiquities Expert Foils Auction of Priceless Artifacts from 480 BC

Greek professor Dr. Christos Tsirogiannis, who has been previously profiled in Greek Reporter for his relentless pursuit of art thieves, has once again stopped what would have been another theft of a priceless piece of Greek history. A Greek wine...

Opus Elgin Opera to Bring Light to Return of Parthenon Marbles

"Opus Elgin: The Destruction of the Parthenon," the opera's world premiere, will take place at Athens Concert Hall, Megaron Mousikis, May 29. This opera work is composed by Theodore Stathis, and renowned Peter Tiboris will be the musical director. The...

Armed Robbery at Ancient Olympia Museum; Minister Quits

Greek Culture Minister Pavlos Geroulanos resigned on Friday after masked armed robbers stole more than 60 ancient objects of "incalculable" value from a museum in Olympia. Sixty-eight objects were whisked from a museum dedicated to the ancient Olympic Games after...

New Austerity Cuts Bring Fire and Looting to Athens

Fire, rage and looting were widespread all around downtown Athens on Sunday evening, while the Greek Parliament was voting on a new package of austerity measures that will further plague the people of the country with drastic cuts in...

What Lies Beneath The Hoodie: London 2011 vs. Athens 2008

August 2011: as a result of a police fatal shooting, disaffected hooded youth burn[...]