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London Riots Exclusive: Greek Caught in the Line of Fire

Greek girl describes first hand account of being caught in the line of fire during London riots. Everything had started when a black man was shot dead by a police officer in Tottenham, predominantly a black area, and the whole thing resulted in what we're witnessing today.

The slogan “Bring them Back” echoed all over the British Museum!

The afternoon of Saturday October 23rd outside the British Museum, was strikingly different to any other. The flashes of the visitors were immortalising not any of the Museums’ stolen exhibits, but rather, the demonstrators standing in the front yard of the...

Their latest audacity: They demand we stop calling the Turkish occupied areas… “occupied” but a “state”!

On the 50th anniversary of the Republic of Cyprus , the Turkish Cypriots have intensified their activities in promoting their demand for recognition. They now also demand that the international community stops calling the Turkish occupied part of the...