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Lion of Amphipolis

The Lion of Kea: An Intriguing Enigma of Ancient Greece

The Lion of Kea, an Archaic-era sculpture seemingly growing out of the bedrock on the island of Kea in the Cyclades, poses one of the most puzzling mysteries from that era of ancient Greece. Who sculpted it, just there, outside...

Amphipolis Tomb Could Open To Visitors By End of 2022

The impressive ancient Greek monument in Northern Greece known as the Amphipolis Tomb could open for visitors by the end of 2022.

Man Arrested for Illegal Excavation in Amphipolis

Found with a metal detector in his hand, a 68-year old man was arrested on Sunday for illegally excavating in the archaeological site of Amphipolis.

Greece Aims to Open the Amphipolis Tomb to Visitors by 2022

The Greek government intends to bring forward the deadlines for completing work on the Kasta Hill Tomb in Amphipolis, Serres so that the site can have visitors from early 2022 on, Culture Minister Lina Mendoni announced on Saturday. During a...

Amphipolis Lion not Part of Casta Hill, Researcher Tells Congress

The famed Lion of Amphipolis statue could not have been placed on the Casta hill covering a controversial tomb in northern Greece's archaeological site, specialists said at a Thessaloniki congress on Saturday, because it is too heavy to have been supported...