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Rome Conquered Greece, and Then Greece ‘Conquered’ Rome

"Greece, conquered Greece, her conqueror subdued, And Rome grew polished, who till then was rude." Horace, the leading Roman lyric poet during the time of Augustus. In 146 BC, Greece yielded to the military might of the Roman Republic; sixty years...

Part of Isaac Newton’s Manuscripts Were Written in Greek

Many of Isaac Newton's precious notebooks, in which he worked out his theories about the world, were written entirely in perfect Greek.

French Bring Back Teaching of Latin and Ancient Greek in Schools

The French government has announced plans to boost the teaching of Latin and Ancient Greek in schools as part of a new initiative

Princeton Removes Greek, Latin for Classics Majors to Combat Racism

Princeton University decided recently to remove Greek and Latin for Classics majors to combat - what it called- institutional racism.

French Government Supports Bid to Include Greek in UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage

A cultural association from the French town of Autun published a manifesto on Saturday asking for the Ancient Greek and Latin languages to be included in UNESCO's list of entities which are part of the world's "Intangible Cultural Heritage." Their...

New French Education Minister to Promote Latin and Ancient Greek in Schools

The new French National Education Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer, 52, said that he wants to promote Latin and Ancient Greek in schools. Speaking to BFM TV on Tuesday, the head of education in the new Emmanuel Macron administration outlined his ministry's priorities....

Italian Plenary Discusses Submitting Proposal to UNESCO for Greek Language Promotion

The Greek Community and Brotherhood of the Philhellenic Society of Italy has managed to get the Italian plenary to discuss its proposals for the support of the Greek language and classical education. The goal is to get the Italian...

Classical Christian School About to Open in Australia

The first Classical Christian School is planned to open in WA next year. St. Augustine's Classical Christian College came up with the idea in order to provide Latin and Greek as subjects to future students. According to the College, modern...