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Greek Culture Through the Eyes of a Philhellene in Argentina

Bianca Pierce, a young woman from Argentina, is committed to keeping Greek culture alive in her country. By Bianca Pierce I think I have written and erased this text about three hundred times since it is difficult for me to put...

WHO: New Coronavirus Variant “Mu” May Be Resistant to Vaccines

The World Health Organization (WHO) said on Wednesday it is monitoring a new coronavirus variant known as "Mu," which was first identified in Colombia in January of 2021. Mu, known scientifically as B.1.621, has been classified as a "variant of...

Cuba Protests: US, Greece, and other Countries Release Joint Statement

The United States, Greece, and several other countries have released a joint statement condemning the Cuban government's response to the demonstrations that took place in the country this past month.  The other countries that co-signed the statement were Austria,...

Bitcoin: El Salvador’s Grand Experiment

El Salvador has become the first nation to adopt the Bitcoin as legal tender, this marks a change in the reputation of the cryptocurrency.

Casapueblo, The Santorini of Latin America

The Casapueblo, the magical sculptured hotel is often referred to as the “Greek island of Uruguay” or the “Santorini of Latin America.”

Celebrating the Greek War of Independence in Latin America

The long-awaited Bicentennial of the Greek War of Independence is approaching, and will be celebrated in Latin America.

Latin America’s Greek Diaspora Calls for Stronger Ties with Greece

Organizations representing the Greek Diaspora in Latin America called for stronger ties with Greece during a video conference.

Concordia Summit Addresses Latin American/Western Hemisphere Challenges

Business and governmental leaders, non-governmental representatives and impressive young minds came together digitally on December 3 in the Concordia Summit in an effort to address problems in Latin America and the Western Hemisphere. In the fifth annual Americas Summit, the...

Greece Sends Hundreds of Books to Latin American Diaspora

A shipment of over 400 Greek-language books has been sent to members of the diaspora in Latin America by the government of Greece. This is the first time that the Greek government has ever sent books to members of the...

Gabriel Katopodis: The New Minister of Public Works of Argentina is Greek

Gabriel Katopodis, an Argentinian lawyer and politician of Greek descent, was recently appointed as Argentina’s new Minister of Public Works. Katopodis will assume his office on December 10, 2019, along with the new cabinet of President Alberto Fernandez. The 52-year old...