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The Greek Origins of the Word “Macaroni”

Macaroni, the ancestor of pasta, like so many other things in our world today, had its symbolic birth in Greece. This is the eighth in a series of stories by a Greek-Italian chef tracing the origins of Greek foods...

Lagana, Halvas and Taramas, The Greek Delicacies of Clean Monday

Lagana, halvas, and taramas, known as “the Koulouma,” are the official foods of the first day of Lent in Greece, known as "Clean Monday."

The Τhree Delicacies of Clean Monday: Lagana, Halvas and Taramas

(original story in Greek by Inga Athanasiadou) Lagana, halvas, and taramas is the food of the day on Clean Monday, or else known as “the Koulouma”. Bearing the same meaning as Ash Wednesday for the Catholics, the Greek Orthodox Day...