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Lady of Ro

The Lady of Ro: A Symbol of Patriotism and Greek Defiance

The "Lady of Ro", Despina Achladioti, is a symbol of patriotism and defiance by raising and lowering the Greek flag every day, for decades

Kastellorizo: The First Greek Land Liberated from the Nazis

On September 13, 1943, a Greek destroyer sailed in all its glory to the small port of Kastellorizo, the south-easternmost island of Greece, marking the beginning of the end of the German occupation of Greece. The sight of the Greek...

The "Lady of Ro," Greece's Joan of Arc

Today marks the anniversary of the death of a lady who lived alone on a remote Greek island but whose small daily act of patriotism has seen her compared to France's Joan of Arc or Britain's Boudicca. Despina Achladioti, born...

Event in Egypt’s Alexandria Honors The ”Lady of Ro”

The Lyceum Club of Greek Women (Lykeion Hellinidon) of Alexandria, Egypt held an event in the ancient Egyptian city on Friday in memory and honor of Despoina Achladioti, widely known as ''Lady of Ro''. The event took place in the historic...