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Neolithic-Era Homes, Street Found at Catalhoyuk Site in Turkey

Neolithic-era homes and a street were found during the most recent excavations at Çatalhöyük, in Turkey, near the Greek city of Ikonion.

Lost Ancient Kingdom Discovered by Farmer in Central Turkey

An ancient kingdom which has been lost to history was discovered in Turkey by archaeologists, following a series of events which began last year and culminated in the last several months. It all happened near the city of Konya (Iconium) in...

Greece in the U18 European Championship Semifinals

The U18 National Greek basketball team crushed Italy 85-68 in the European Championship in Konya, Turkey and advanced in the semifinals to meet Serbia. Vasilis Charalambopoulos was the main voice of the Greek team (who carried 5 players with double figures) scoring...