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King Philip of Macedon

The First Time All Greek People United Together

The League of Corinth was an initiative of King Philip II of Macedon to unite all Greek city-states against the Persian Achaemenid Empire

Archaeologist May Have Found Tomb of Alexander the Great’s Mother

If a Greek archaeologist is correct, the tomb belonging to Olympias, Alexander the Great's mother, may have been found in Korinos Pieria, in central Macedonia. The possible discovery of the long-sought tomb of the greatest of Greece's historic generals and...

Spartans' Response Tops 10 Wittiest Of All Time

The ten wittiest answers given over time by popular representatives of art and public life were recently hosted in British newspaper "The Independent." At the top, one can find the Spartans' reaction after they were threatened by Philip of Macedonia. Sparta Vs. King Philip of Macedon King Philip II...