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Uninhabited Island Destinations in Greece: Uncharted Paradise

Greece is home to thousands of uninhabited Greek island paradises, the perfect travel spots for tourists looking to go off the beaten path.

Bronze Age Greek Island of Keros Visualized in Documentary

Keros, a small, uninhabited Cycladic island south of Naxos with a rich ancient history, is the subject of a recent documentary.

Prehistoric Aegean Treasures of Greece’s Keros Island Seen for First Time

An exhibit of archaeological artifacts from Keros and Daskalio - Early Cycladic island sites of 3200-2100 BC - opened in Athens on Monday.

Groundbreaking Bronze Age Archaeological Discoveries on Island of Keros, Greece

The Greek Ministry of Culture issued a statement on Holy Thursday announcing the recent conclusion of a four-year archaeological excavation which took place on the Greek islands of Keros and Dascalio in the Cyclades. Excavations took place in the area called...

Massive Ancient Structures Uncovered on Greek Island of Keros (video)

Archaeologists digging on the Cycladic island of Keros in the central Aegean have revealed “unusually sophisticated prehistoric monuments,” according to a press release from Cambridge University’s Department of Archaeology. The report said that new work has revealed that the settlement...

More Findings at Oldest Island Sanctuary on Greece's Keros

The oldest island sanctuary in the world is on the island of Keros, between Naxos and Santorini, according to British archaeologist Sir Colin Renfrew, who has spent a decade investigating in the area. The sanctuary found dates to about 3000...

The Small Cyclades, Precious Little Gems Scattered Across a Glittering Aegean

Follow us on a quick trip to the "Small Cyclades" and enjoy enticing spots by the sea, crystal-clear waters, gorgeous sand beaches, picturesque whitewashed houses and the most beautiful sunsets you will ever experience! Donoussa According to Greek mythology, Donoussa is the island to which Dionysos decided to...