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Kerameikos: From Potters’ Quarter to Greece’s Largest Necropolis

Kerameikos is the name of an Athenian demo formerly known as the potters' quarter, today the largest necropolis in Greece.

The Ancient Curse Tablets Found in Athens Well

A discovery of a trove of ancient curse tablets was made recently in Athens' downtown neighborhood of Kerameikos (Ceramicus).

Researcher Says Female Artisans May Have Created Archaic Pottery

The striking, nearly 5-foot tall Dipylon Amphora, from approximately 700 BC, is a masterpiece of the art of Ancient Greek pottery.

Old House Collapses in Athens' Neighborhood of Kerameikos

An old house collapsed on Sunday morning in Athens' central neighborhood of Kerameikos. The house, that was old and abandoned, collapsed in the early hours on Sunday, causing a very loud noise that scared many people of the neighborhood. Residents of...

Forbes Names Athens' Kerameikos One of the World’s Coolest Neighborhoods

Greece is known for having the most beautiful beaches in the world and the most quaint villages in Europe, and now the country can add the Athens suburb of Kerameikos -- one of the coolest neighborhoods in the world --...

Ancient Greek Well Used For Hydromancy Discovered in Athens

The ancient Greek phrase "ΕΛΘΕ ΜΟΙ Ω ΠΑΙΑΝ ΦΕΡΩΝ ΤΟ ΜΑΝΤΕΙΟΝ ΑΛΗΘΕC" is written on the mouth of a well that came to light during the latest excavations of the German Archaeological Institute at the archaeological site of Kerameikos in Athens. The...

Headstone from 400 B.C. Found in Kerameikos

A part of a marble headstone from 400 B.C. was discovered yesterday in the area of Kerameikos in Athens, near the Acropolis. The important antiquity was found during excavations by the German Arhaeological Institute at Athens in conjunction with...

Marble Female Heads In Kerameikos Well

Two marble female heads, dating from the 3rd Century AD, were discovered during the works of the German Archaeological Institute at Kerameikos. The findings were revealed during the cleaning of a well, which belongs to a bath of the...