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Amazing Places In Greece That You Won’t Believe Are Real

Greece, a land of gods and nymphs, has a number of exquisitely beautiful places that appear to have come out of a fairy tale, being formed back in another time and almost in another world. Here are some of...

Ultimate Guide: What Are the Best Greek Islands to Visit in October?

Can you actually visit some of the most popular Greek islands, enjoy the last of the last golden days of the summer weather, and avoid the crowds by planning a trip to Greece in October? Yes, you absolutely can!...

Could Greece Host Sillicon Valley’s Plans for Private Cities Free of Government Control?

Greece is being considered as a location for a private city catering to computer techies, free of government control.

Fires Rage On Across Greece as Temperatures Remain High

A series of forest fires have broken out across Greece as high temperatures and strong winds strengthened the blazes on Sunday.

Greece is a Top Summer Destination for Vaccinated Travelers

Greece was featured five times on a list of best European destinations for vaccinated travelers by European Best Destinations.

Majestic Lake Melissani Dazzles Visitors With Its Turquoise Waters

Lake Melissani on the Greek island of Kefalonia, also known as Melissani Cave, is among the most astonishing lakes in the world.

Ianos: Three Dead in Thessaly; Widespread Destruction Around the Country

Since it made landfall in Greece on Thursday, the rare Mediterranean hurricane Ianos has caused the deaths of three people in Thessaly and widespread destruction around the country. In the region of Thessaly, located south of Macedonia, entire towns were...

Medicane Ianos Lashes Kefalonia, Ithaca, and Zakynthos, Causing Floods, Blackouts, Fallen Trees

The Ionian islands Kefalonia, Ithaca and Zakynthos found themselves in the vortex of the severe weather system "Ianos" during Thursday night, with power outages in several areas due to the strong winds and fallen trees it brought with it. The...

Dramatic Nighttime Rescue at Sea off Greece's Kefalonia Captured on Video

A helicopter from the Hellenic Air Force saved two swimmers, one of whom was a rescuer, off the coast of the Greek island of Kefalonia on Friday. Intense winds and rough seas threatened the lives of the two swimmers,...

Firefighters Try to Tame Wildfire on Kefalonia

Firefighters on Kefalonia have been battling wildfires all night for the second day, while Argostoli mayor advises residents of certain areas to evacuate as strong winds make the direction of the blaze unpredictable. On the island there are currently 102...