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The Kalash: A Tribe of Alexander the Great’s Descendants in Pakistan

The people of the Kalash tribe, who live in the Chitral district of Pakistan, believe they are descendants of Alexander the Great's troops who settled in the area about 23 centuries ago. Numbering only about 4,000, their unique culture is...

The Greek Teacher Who Was Kidnapped by the Taliban

In October 2019 Greek teacher Thanasis Lerounis was kidnapped by the Taliban in a welfare center for the Kalash people in Pakistan

New Study Denies the Greek Origin of Kalash Tribe in Pakistan

A new scientific research denies that the Kalash, an isolated ethnic group living for centuries in Pakistan's Hindu Kush mountain range, are the direct descendants of Alexander the Great's ancient Greek-Macedonian armies that invaded the region in the fourth century B.C. During the...

World Pan-Macedonian Conference in Florina

Macedonians around the world continue to struggle for the rights of Macedonia, as stated in the Resolution of the 11th World Conference of Pan Macedonian Unions, which was completed on July 15 in Florina. They also express their strong disagreement...