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Greek PSI Offer Rejected; Deadline Extended To February

Euro zone finance ministers rejected an offer made by private creditors to restructure Greece's debt and if a resolution is not reached by March, when Athens must repay 14.5 billion euros ($18.9 billion) of maturing debt, a messy default...

Greece Gets it Loan, but Worries Mount Faster

ATHENS – After weeks of anguish, Greeks found out that international lenders providing the country with a series of bailout loans will release a delayed $11 billion installment needed to keep paying workers and pensioners, but it curiously did...

Samaras Gives EU a Letter, but Not a Contract

With pressure building on him to sign a bailout deal that would give Greece $175 billion more[...]

General Strike in Greece Set for Dec. 1

The new coalition government led by interim Prime Minister Lucas Papademos is not getting a reprieve from Greek workers, who will take to the streets on Dec. 1 to keep up their protest against austerity [...]

Papandreou Scraps Bailout Referendum, Seeks Coalition Government

ATHENS – Faced with defections by his Finance Minister, Cabinet official and Members of Parliament of his ruling PASOK Socialist party, Prime Minister George Papandreou has quickly withdrawn his plans[...]

Greece’s Choice: In or Out of the Eurozone

As Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou was being cross-examined by European leaders on his stunning call for a referendum in his country on international bailout loans and the austerity measures he imposed as a condition, German and French officials...

Papandreou’s Referendum Call Rattles Markets, Threatens Bailout

Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou’s surprise announcement will ask voters to decide the fate of international bailout loans and his wobbly Administration through a referendum sent shock waves through the markets, rattling Wall Street, angering European leaders who just...

After the Haircut, What Next for Greece?

The signs are all there that investors have really given up on Greece: analysts no longer say “if” when[...]

Investors in Greece Will Lose a Bundle – Maybe Everything

BRUSSELS - Officials of the Eurozone, the 17 countries who use the euro as a currency, have confirmed that banks and investors in Greece will lost at least half their money even as speculation built they could lose everything. Eurogroup...