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As Palestinian Minority Takes to the Streets, Israel Must Face Racism

The Arab governments that recently shared their relations, are being negatively affected by the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians.

Greece Says Israel Has Right to Self-Defense, Condemns Hamas

Greece made its position clear about the conflict between Israel and Palestinians, through a statement by Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias.

Greek Orthodox Church of Jerusalem Calls for Peace as Violence Escalates

The Greek Orthodox Church of Jerusalem released a statement calling for an end of violent acts against Palestinians on Sunday.

Holy Light Arrives From Jerusalem to Athens to Mark Easter

The Holy Light arrived in Greece on Holy Saturday, May 1 in a much humbler ceremony than what Greeks were used to in previous years.

Holy Light to Arrive in Greece in Humble Ceremony This Year

The Holy Light will arrive to Greece on Holy Saturday in a humble ceremony, without the head of state honors of previous years

Holy Light Arrives from Jerusalem to Athens Despite Coronavirus Curfew

An Aegean Airlines special flight carrying the Holy Light from Jerusalem arrived in Athens on Holy Saturday afternoon. This year the Holy Light arrived in Greece from the Church of the Resurrection in Jerusalem under very strict measures due to...

Ancient Greek Earring Unveiled in Jerusalem

An ancient Greek gold earring found last year in Jerusalem has been revealed by the Israeli authorities. The jewellery, around 2,000 years old and fashioned to look like a horned animal, was finally unveiled by the Israel Antiquities Authority on...

Holy Fire Arrives in Greece Ahead of Easter

The Holy Fire from Jerusalem arrived in Athens by airplane on Saturday, ahead of Easter celebrations in Greece. The flame was received with the protocol reserved for heads of state after Patriarch Theophilos of Jerusalem handed it to a Greek...

‘It Smelled of Myrrh’, Says Greek Worker Who Entered Tomb of Christ

"I was the first person to enter the tomb of Christ. Yes, it smelled of myrrh," said the Greek restoration worker who was the first person to go inside the reputed burial place of Christ in Jerusalem since 1810. "I felt...

Jerusalem’s Holy Sepulchre Reopens After Israel Backtracks

Israel has suspended a controversial tax plan and property legislation in response to the unprecedented Christian decision on Sunday to close the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat agreed to...