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Ionian Islands

United States of the Ionian Islands: The History of British Rule in Greece

The formation of the United States of the Ionian Islands under British rule in Greece is a little known period of the country's history.

Paxos: The Greek Island of Serene Beauty in the Ionian Sea

Paxos, also called Paxoi and Antipaxoi, offers another side of Greek culture, full of art, history, and stunning landscapes.

Young Student Parades Alone on OXI Day on Remote Greek Island

A ten-year-old Greek student who lives on a small Ionian island had the privilege of parading all alone on OXI day. It sounds like an oddity, but it is a fairly usual situation in remote island student parades every...

All the Greek Island Groups Explained

  You have probably seen the postcard of whitewashed houses gathered together overlooking the endless blue waters of the Aegean Sea countless time and rightly so. Greece is known for its abundance of unique islands, which every summer offer visitors...

Old Town of Corfu to Undergo Restoration

The Ministry of Culture and Sports announced this week that it aims to upgrade the cultural environment and the quality of life of the residents of the Old Town of Corfu through a new strategic plan. This goal will be...

A Greek Vacation Dilemma: The Ionian Islands or the Cyclades?

With the coming of winter soon, it will be time for hopeful travelers to face one of the most pleasant dilemmas in planning next year's vacation: Should I visit the islands of the Ionian Sea or the Aegean? It is...

Two Earthquakes Shake Lefkada Island, Greece

Two earthquakes struck the Ionian island of Lefkada, Greece within a few hours on Wednesday evening and Thursday morning. The first tremor measuring 3.9 occurred on Wednesday evening, followed by a stronger 4.4 earthquake overnight. The epicenter of the second earthquake...

Corfu: Everything You Need to Know About the Idyllic Greek Island

Corfu is one of Greece's most beautiful and storied islands. It shares its name with its city, Corfu, the capital of the Ionian Islands.

Greece Celebrates Anniversary of Union With Ionian Islands

Greece celebrated in Friday the historic anniversary of the integration of the Ionian Islands with the mainland.

Ianos: Three Dead in Thessaly; Widespread Destruction Around the Country

Since it made landfall in Greece on Thursday, the rare Mediterranean hurricane Ianos has caused the deaths of three people in Thessaly and widespread destruction around the country. In the region of Thessaly, located south of Macedonia, entire towns were...