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Ioannis Lagos

Golden Dawn MEP Lagos Extradited to Greece

Ioannis Lagos, the European Parliament lawmaker who was convicted for his membership in the now-defunct neo-nazi Golden Dawn Party in Greece, landed in Athens on Saturday afternoon.

Convicted Golden Dawn Member to be Extradited Back to Greece

Giannis Lagos, a convicted member of the Golden Dawn neo-Nazi group, is finally returning to Greece after Belgium decided to extradite him.

Convicted Golden Dawn Leader Arrested in Brussels

Greece has issued an arrest warrant on Tuesday for former leading member of the fascist Golden Dawn Party Ioannis Lagos

Greek Golden Dawn MEP Stripped of Immunity by EU Parliament Committee

The European Parliament’s legal affairs committee voted to lift the immunity of Greek MEP Ioannis Lagos, a former member of Golden Dawn.

Greek neo-Nazi Still At Large Three Months After Conviction

Greek neo-Nazi Christos Pappas, number two in the Golden Dawn party leadership, is still at large after evading arrest for three months.

Greek Neo-Nazi MEP Upset He Won’t Receive EU Parliament Stipend

Ioannis Lagos, a member of the European Parliament and former leader of Golden Dawn, will no longer receive his daily EU parliament stipend of 323 euros ( about $380 US), along with most other members of the European Parliament. Lagos...

Golden Dawn MEP Skips Arrest, Enjoying Parliamentary Immunity in Brussels

Member of European Parliament Ioannis Lagos, a former leader of Golden Dawn, has been able to avoid arrest after being sentenced by a Greek court for his part in leading the group, since he is currently in Brussels enjoying...

Citizens of Korydallos District React to the Upcoming Golden Dawn Trial

The upcoming trial of Greece's extreme right Golden Dawn party, scheduled for April 20, has caused the firm reaction of citizens and business owners in the district of Korydallos, Athens, where Greece's largest prison is located. The Nazi-inspired party members' and supporters'...

Extreme Right Golden Dawn Trial Date and Place May Change After Reactions

Extreme right Golden Dawn's upcoming trial is currently at stake due to numerous reactions expressed even from within the governing leftist SYRIZA party. The Education Ministry was the last one to add its voice to those questioning the plans...

Extreme Right Golden Dawn Leader Michaloliakos and MP Lagos Released Ahead of Trial

Extreme Right Golden Dawn's imprisoned leader Nikos Michaloliakos and senior MP Ioannis Lagos, who, among others, are currently facing charges over running and belonging to a criminal organization were released from Korydallos prison today, after the 18-month pretrial custody...